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Tryout FAQs



How many children will make a team?

Teams formed through Club tryouts tend to stay together from one season to the next, so our existing teams are usually looking to add just a few more players.

Where we don’t have an existing team in a particular age group we will look to form one from the tryout attendance, and this is most commonly the way younger age group teams are formed (usually where larger groups of players come from another soccer organisation to the club).


Does my son/daughter have to come to all of the tryouts?

Every child is expected to come to as many tryout days as possible. Although only two days attendance is required, the more tryout days your child comes to, the more comfortable they will be and the better opportunity the coaches will have to evaluate them in depth.

You and your child will also have more opportunities to ask questions, get to know the coaches and managers, and get a better feel for what Club soccer at Legacy United will be like.


Are existing Club players guaranteed to keep their roster spots?

Everyone attends the tryouts, even if they are currently playing on a LUSC team. This gives the coaches a chance to view new players alongside current players, both as a comparison and also to see if there is a good fit with the team.

Most, but not necessarily all, LUSC players from the previous season will make it onto the team again. Coaches will evaluate the whole pool of players to make the final selections.  


What are the coaches looking for?

In general, the coaches are looking for good co-ordination and technique, the ability to respond to coaching, and a genuine joy for the game. Coaches are also looking for players that are intelligent, curious and want to learn. Creativity, game understanding and athletic ability are all bonuses.


I want my son/daughter to play with a particular coach or on a specific team/age group? Is this possible?

Players are assigned to teams firstly based on their age, and then potentially moved according to assessment of their ability and their physical development.

The club always has the best possible developmental path for the individual player in mind and for that reason we can’t guarantee that any player will be able to play on a team or with a coach of their choosing.

Players do get opportunities to play for different teams within the club either at a different competition level or age group when we feel it is appropriate - this is the benefit of playing for a 'true' club, rather than a club made of separate teams playing under the same name.


Can my child "play up" in the next age bracket?

Every player must try out for their own age group and may also try out for the next age group up. Please be aware though that we generally only allow players to join an older age group team in exceptional circumstances.

Players should be competing at the level that is appropriate for their size and ability - sometimes that means having experience of playing in a different age group level.  This should not be forced though, or development will suffer.

Players are usually given opportunities to play up on a case by case basis, while mainly playing for their correct age group team.


When will we hear the results of the tryouts?

The teams will be finalised no later than one week after the end of tryouts and a member of the club, usually the coach of the team in question if the role has already been assigned, will be in contact with you via the means of contact provided in your tryout application form.


What if my son/daughter doesn’t make the full roster?

We offer the best Club training available in the area, and many players have chosen to take advantage of that despite not making the final roster for their age group team. They simply stay with the club as training players at a reduced monthly cost.

Often this results in them making the team in the following year, once they have had some experience of higher level and more competitive training sessions.