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Frequently Asked Questions

Legacy United Soccer Club FAQs

Welcome to Legacy United Soccer Club. We designed this page to answer some of the more frequent questions parents have during the season and tryouts.




How is Club soccer different from Rec/AYSO?

Club soccer is more competitive and selective than Rec/AYSO. There are fewer participants and those that do play are the ones that demonstrate the most commitment, aptitude and interest for playing high level competitive soccer.

However it is important to emphasize that LUSC coaches are focused on individual player development and not just winning games at early ages. 

In the older age groups playing time will be increasingly based on merit and ability to contribute to the team.


When is the season? When do practices start?

Club soccer involves year round competition, with practices taking place throughout the year except for a one month break in the Summer and Winter. The club runs tryouts at the end of February, so our year effectively runs from March-Feb.

The CSL Fall League and the CalSouth State Cup are the two major competitions that the club participates in and players are expected to be available for all practices and games during these events.

The Fall League begins around the start of September for every age group and level of play. The State Cup starts at different times depending on age group and level of play, and takes place around Feb-April.


Where/when do the teams practice?

Practices take place at several fields throughout the year, based on availability. All of the fields are based around the Paso Robles and Templeton areas.

Each team will be assigned 2 -3 practices/week, in addition to extra speciality training sessions, such as GK training and skills based training.

Please check your team’s Teamsnap Calendar for exact training times, locations and dates.


How far do teams travel?

Legacy United SC, along with most other area clubs, participates in Cal South Fall League and State Cup. Travel depends on the number of teams available to play in the area, and the level of competition a team reaches (higher level competition requires more travel). Travel requirements are completely out of the club's control and depend on the league groupings made by CalSouth.


My child plays another sport, can they still play competitive soccer?

A lot of children playing Club soccer also have other interests. We believe in the importance of all round development of young people and work to support participation in other activities. 

However we do want to encourage commitment to the team and believe that the more practices and games each child attends, the stronger both the individual player and the team will become. We expect full commitment to the Fall League and State Cup competitions.

You may want to discuss your child’s other activities with the team coach and manager once you are assigned to a team.

Please note that there is no discount for playing or training less than a full season.


Are games on Saturdays or Sundays?

League games can be scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays. Once the schedules are published, teams have an opportunity to negotiate times/dates to try to minimize any scheduling conflicts, but you should expect that there will be some games on both days.

Tournaments are played over whole weekends, and are organised by individual teams within the club based around the availability of team members.


How many children play on a team?

U9 and U10 teams play 7 v7 with a roster of 10-12 players, U11 and U12 teams will play 9 v 9 with a roster of 12-14 players.

All older teams will play 11 v 11 and will have rosters of 14-18 players (or up to 22 maximum at the U16+ level).


Who are the coaches?

Legacy United coaches are all fully licensed with US and/or International federations and have several years of experience in coaching competitive level teams. The club has a policy to only use professional, non-parent coaches (meaning they do not have their own children on the team they are coaching).

We believe this offers the best environment for player development, and we are unique amongst local clubs in this approach.


What are the fees involved?

Our initial fee is $150 to cover registration and associated costs, with a monthly fee after that.

Included in club monthly fees:

  • Min. 3 hours per week high quality professional-led Team Training

  • Specialist Training (GK Training, Striker Sessions, Soccer Fitness etc.)

  • All field fees throughout the year

  • Full entry fee and referee fees for THREE official competitions (Clasico de Robles, CSL Fall League and CalSouth State Cup)

Monthly fees are currently $75 per month paid for 10 months, or 8 months for High School players.

*Please note - Uniform costs are separate and typically cost about $100 for a full set of uniforms that need to be replaced every 2-3 years.

The club and team provided fundraising and scholarship opportunities to assist families in off setting these expenses.


Do you offer any discounts?

Players that take a break through High School season pay for only 8 months rather than 10 months as they would not train with the club at that time.

We also offer a sibling discount for families that have more than one child playing at the club. Please ask your team manager for more details.